Pink Wedding Dresses—Get in the Pink!

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and stressful – and one of the most important and respected during this process is the selection of wedding dresses. Many brides choose the traditional white wedding dress, the designer ball gowns emergence of unconventional marriages have seen an explosion of interest in non-traditional wedding dress. One of the most popular of these is pink wedding dress.

Not everyone wants to wear white or ivory on their wedding day and pink wedding dresses are a great alternative. Pink has many connotations of love, romance and femininity that many women want to pass on their wedding day. In addition, the hall in a pink wedding dress is one way for the bride to live her own daughter, the wedding a fairy tale.

Some brides will raise an eyebrow at the mention of a pink wedding dress as they immediately see Barbie in a pink gown. Choosing a pink wedding dress for your big day, the main fear is that you can be easily associated with the Barbie doll outfits and behavior, and that is something that most brides hate the formal ball gowns most. For those who feel too mature and serious, a pink wedding dress could be really too much for them. But there are lots of pink wedding dresses with beautiful and unique designs that give your body a very elegant and sophisticated appearance without making you look like a doll or a child.

Whether the pink wedding dress is casual or formal, tea-length or couture, pink is a “GO!” with many of today’s top designers. In general, the spirit of pink is more casual, making it an ideal choice for a spring or summer wedding. Winter and couture gowns are also available in blush, rose and baby pink hues, exemplary of the fact that pink is a shade of all seasons. Pink wedding dress is also an excellent choice for brides with a paler skin tone, for wearing stark white bridal gown will make bride appear “wash-out”. The aspect of a pink wedding dress depends as well on the shade and intensity of the color. You can always choose a lighter, subtle and very traditional pink for a simple design. This way you won’t catch everyone’s eyes with a bright solid and bold pink wedding dress.

One shade of pink used in wedding gowns is the romantic, vintage looking “rum pink”. Rum pink is a very, very light shade of pink that almost looks like an ivory or champagne color until you see it in some lighting. It’s quite beautiful and shop ball gowns most of the time is used in lace. A number of couture gowns use rum pink wedding dresses, but, as couture, they’re expensive. But nowadays, you can custom made this kind of pink wedding dress in the online bridal gown shops, for many web sites can custom made unique dresses for customers.

Wearing a pink wedding dress on your special day is something only a bride can decide, but if you ask me, it’s the right decision. Besides the lovely color, the symbolism it represents is also quite romantic, perfect for pink weddings.

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