Cocktail Dresses for Homecoming

A cocktail dress or cocktail gown is a woman’s dress worn at cocktail parties, and semi-formal occasions, such as homecoming. The length of cocktail dresses varies depending on fashion and local custom. The length ranges from just above the shop ball gowns knee to touching the ankle. When it is about 5 cm (2 inches) above the ankle it is called tea length and when it is almost touching the ankle it is called ballerina length.

At semi-formal occasions, less elaborate homecoming party shorter-length cocktail dresses may be worn. Short cocktail dress was known as ‘late afternoon’ in the old days. When gentlemen are in business suits, ladies also wear dress suits or “good” afternoon skirt and dresses.

There’re more than thousands of different cocktail dresses available in your nearby boutique store or online shops, so before your buy ball gowns window shopping around, try to have some styles or suitable ones in mind or else you will waist more time and energy in the aimless wondering.

Sequin and beading as the most favored fashion element is still sparking in this year’s cocktail dresses. It is a good idea to choose a cocktail dress adorned with sequin embellishment. Cocktail dresses made with whole piece sequined lace will definitely draw more guys’ attention to you.

If you want to show how sexy and hot you are, why don’t you go for strapless dresses. This neck style helps to accent your shoulder and bust beauty a lot. To show a little cleavage, you can choose sweetheart neckline cocktail dresses. For girls who have shapely legs to show off, short cocktail dresses are certainly their best bet to show that slim, slender and shaved legs. Also this will even enable a girl make a more memorable appearance on her homecoming.

Cocktail dresses with some Asymmetrical length or multi layered skirt are cute for the homecoming prom. This is absolutely recommendable for girls who want to look more adorable on the party. Besides, the colors for cocktail dresses are rich. Red, black or some bright color will help you to stand out among so many beauties. But do remember to wear cocktail dresses that can go with your skin tone.

Silver accessories seem to work out for most cases, but when it comes to cocktail dresses, you can have more choices. Just discount ball gowns enjoy your time and find one that can really complement with your cocktail dress. There are also more cocktail dresses with modest design available. Sometimes it is not good to run after the fashion trend, just go to the style that can show your personality and style!

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