Creative Ideas for Shortening Prom Dresses

As online shopping for prom dresses has become a trend among the beautiful girls, most people got prom dresses without trying on before placing the order. In such case, the girls always go for much longer prom dresses than needed considering the needed alteration. It is costly to have formal ball gowns shortened professionally, however here are some ways in which you can shorten it creatively and without splurging a large amount. Here are some tips for you to follow:

1 For Ball Gown Dresses. For such prom dresses, there’s no need to find a tailor to make some alteration for you. A crinoline will just solve your trouble. Putting on a petticoat will help to shorten the dress by at least 2 inches, and it will make your dress look much puffier. This is a very easy way to shorten a ball gown prom dress. In case the prom dress is too long for you, you can get it hemmed. But you need to wear heels before taking measurement to assure the prom dress will not be shortened too much.

2 For Floor Length Dresses. If the prom dresses are not too long for you and the material is soft for pinning up, then you can just lift some part under the waist and secure it around the waist area and you can add some brooch to shop ball gowns decorate this part. This is easy to make and moreover, it helps to add another layer to the dress and meantime add more creative air to the prom dress.

3 Two-piece formal dresses can be easily shortened at the waist. You can roll the waist of the skirt if the top will cover the waistband. You can also remove the waistband, cut off a portion of the top, and re-attach the waistband to the buy ball gowns skirt. If the bottom of your prom dress is not in special silhouette, you can get it hemmed, it is easier.

Bear in mind that not all prom dresses can be altered easily, so you may need to be creative in altering. If there are embellishments, such as beading, sequins, appliqués or embroidery, in order not to ruin the pattern or design, you have to shorten the prom dress in the waist part or make some ruffles on the dress. Or you can add some sniff netting on the lining of the dress if the dress is not a sheath or column one. If you don’t know how to shorten the dress, please do take the dress to professional dressmakers in case you ruin the prom dress by mistake.

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