Green Bridesmaid Dresses – Shades of Green

The color green is often associated with growth and life. Green is a bold and jovial choice of accent color for bridesmaid dresses. Use green to brighten up the party and bring radiance and general merriment to your affair. Green really works wonders to spruce up springtime weddings. Think about the difference between the effect that bright green bridesmaid dresses might have versus a soft pale green or even a deep forest green, as you can see each one creates an entirely different atmosphere, while one is loud and garish another is light, sophisticated and elegant. There are a number of colors you can choose for bridesmaid dresses that will lend an elegant air to your wedding and make your bridesmaids dress feel like a million dollars. Maybe some others people think that green bridesmaid dresses might seem a bit unorthodox but they are incredibly festive and elegant. Actually don’t worry about it, and here are some ideas for gorgeous bridesmaid dresses in shades of green. Lime green is a fresh and cheerful option for a spring or summer wedding. If your wedding style leans towards the classic, look for lime silk shantung strapless bridesmaid dresses which look perfect with a crisp white sash and pearl jewelry. For the bridesmaid bouquets, pink and green hydrangeas would be wonderful with this style of dress. This style would be right at home at a formal ball gowns wedding held at a country club, yacht club, or a private home. Green also works beautifully for autumn weddings. The vivid colors that work for summer may be a bit too garish for fall, so choose a more muted shade of green for your bridesmaid dresses. An olive green can be very pretty for dresses, and shop ball gowns it mixes well with other fall wedding colors like russet or a rich copper metallic. This rich shade of green is very nice for a late afternoon or evening wedding. A pretty accent for olive green bridesmaid dresses (purple bridesmaid dresses)would be tin cup style pearl bridesmaid jewelry that is handcrafted from copper or bronze Swarovski pearls. If you are having a winter wedding, you should definitely take a look at rich hunter green for your attendants. For a Christmas wedding, hunter green velvet bridesmaid dresses would be absolutely stunning. Another terrific fabric for this rich, deep shade of green is taffeta. Full length taffeta dresses with either an A-line or full ball skirt are gorgeous for formal weddings Anyway, Green is a lovely color to use for your bridesmaid dresses. If you take into consideration the season and style of your wedding, you will have no problem finding the perfect shade of green for your attendants to wear.

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